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Feedback widget works on plain HTML page andany of CMS: Joomla, Prestashop, Bitrix, Wordpress, Opencart, Webasyst, ModX and any others


All widget templates are optimized for mobile, smartphone, tablet and desktop screens

Multiple receivers

Add as many notifications receivers as you want. Just add users' e-mails to config file(s)

SMS notifications

You can be even faster and get notifications while you're offline. Your number stays private to anyone

Multiple forms

Use as many forms with different fields as you need on any page

Built-in order forms

Any form can be handled by Callme. Just add a couple of attributes and the form will start working automatically

Callme works withany CMS, evenplain HTML.See docs
Wordpress callback script
Simpla callback script
Prestashop callback script
Joomla callback script
Opencart callback script
HTML callback script

You can have form for any purpose and here are just a couple of examples

Contact form
  • Contact form with all possible fields
  • Captcha protected
  • With 2 fields required
  • Default design template
  • With a license
See demo
Sticked form
  • Form aligned to the right or left
  • Two fields: name and phone number
  • Both fields are required
  • Phone field has mask
  • No license added
Order widget
  • Minimalistic order form
  • Template yellow
  • Phone field without mask
  • Welcome text above fields
  • Without a license
See demo
๐Ÿ’ก You can see even more exampleshere

There are 7 pre-defined design templates which can be changed with a single config update. To change a template you can update the variable:cme_template

You can also create your own template, just update one of the css-files and you'll have your own unique design!

See all design templates in actionon demo page.

See how to set up your contact form:

There are two versions of widget's license: free and premium.

If you don't want to pay, "free" version is your choice.

On the other hand "Premium" has more functions. Once you buy the license you'll be able to use it forever, no time limits at all.

Seelicense description for details

If you don't have enough time to set up Callme contact form, you can always ask me to do that. It's a limited proposal till I have time for it.

Mail me now tobuy installation


Default settings are stored in/config/main.js file. However,Callme can handle multiple config files at once so you can place all of them in the/config folder. This file has to have a valid json-syntax. Take a look atdocs to know out more.


Callme is using Josh Bush's masked input plugin, many thanks to Josh.Plugin website